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free lunch....

So here’s a good one. I knew a guy that LOVED free lunches….I mean really loved them. When he didn't have some poor rep lined up, he’d pull this bullshit.

Step one…call a rep at 11:45am. Back in the day people actually used phones and if this guy’s number came up, pick up percentage was 99.9%. Step two…bullshit with the rep for a few mins about a plan he couldn't care less about. Step three…put the rep on hold for another call…wait 3min and then jump back on with “damn…so bummed”. Step four…poor rep asks what’s wrongs and the reply would be something like this “Just had a lunch cancel and I was really excited about eating there”. Step 5…sucker rep “I don't have lunch plans...I’d love to take you!!” and boom they’d be at the Palm 15 min later.


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